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MoodBoard Design Package 


The moodboard design package is an edesign service, meaning I can put it together for you no matter where you live. This are the steps of the process:

Phase 1: Style Analysis

  1. Use my handy dandy measure guide to measure and photograph your space. Take a walk through video of your space (optional)

  2. Send over inspiration photos or pictures of rooms that you like. You can use Pinterest, Houzz, or even just google images.

  3. Take my style quiz so we’ll have a better idea of your style!

Phase 2: Concept Creation

  1. I’ll put together 2 concepts showing about 15-20 items per space for you to check out.

Phase 3: Feedback

  1. I’ll have you pick the concept that gives you all the feels. 3 item revisions included if necessary.

Phase 4: Final Package Creation:

—I’ll put together your final package. See an example below:

Final MoodBoard Package Example:


  1. MoodBoard: Shows all items selected for your space

  2. Shopping List: Clickable shopping list that allows you to purchase directly. Finish, quantity info, store, dimensions, etc. will be included so you know exactly what to order.

  3. Floor Plan: Will show placement of the MoodBoard items so you know exactly where they should go. This will help to eliminate any and all guess work!

  4. Setup Instruction: (Not shown above). Setup instructions include specific details on how things should be laid out (artwork, pillows) the hanging instructions for artwork and hang height for draperies. Everything you should need to pull together the look.