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"Dani made my design experience so easy!! She had my whole living room design done within a few days. She gave lots of options and listened to my opinions! Highly recommend!"

--Mary Baker --


"Highly recommend Dani Alexander! She's working on a 3rd room in my home for me already! It's really amazing how simple and fun she makes it! You will not be disappointed!!"

--Maureen Marks--


"I have nothing but amazing things to say about Alexander Interiors! This is the 3rd room Dani has designed for me and I couldn't be happier!! She is so easy to work with and has the best ideas! I have had designers come to my home in the past and they have not given me any designs that made sense to me. Dani knew how to make my large sunken living room look amazing and inviting just after seeing a picture of my room! Highly recommend Dani at Alexander Interiors!"

--Yaquta Greene--


"My  experience with Dani was great! I was feeling uninspired, and she had some concrete ideas to point me in the right direction. I love having the links to the products, too, so I can order immediately, or just wait for a good sale. :) Thank you!"

--Samantha Riley--