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You are a smooth operator! You're all about a room with a contemporary and simplistic style and you hate clutter. Your prefer a minimalist style of living, with little fluff. Now, you may not require many things....but you still want them to be nice! You don't mind spending a little extra on nice quality furnishings because you know it's worth it! You like to keep nice champagne in your home and you love to throw classy parties. Rather than focusing on individual items, you prefer to look at your room design as a whole. Mostly attracted to colors like black, tan, gray and chocolate brown, you don't mind a few touches of metallic to bring a little something extra to your home. You're all about straight lines and comfort and the personality in your space comes from your photos of family and friends. Spending most of your time at work, a space that is perfectly customized for you is what you're after. When you're home you want it to be a blissful experience of comfort and quite. Typical smooth operators know what they want and will do anything to get it.