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If you’re an entrepreneur working from a home office, your environment effects you in all sorts of ways.

You are there ALL the time and it needs to have all sorts of functions from an office to a break room.

I am an interior designer that works from home. I spend 80% of my time at home. While this is well, beyond GREAT…it can also be a little overwhelming for me in a lot of ways.

I need my home to function for my every need. I have to be able to live in it, work in it, workout in it, eat in it, watch tv and relax in it…

ALL THE THINGS. I mean, I’m here all the time! It needs to function for that lifestyle. This goes WAY beyond just having a work space like a home office or a special chair to work from in the living room.

It is so important for us as entrepreneurs to be able to spend our time effectively and move seamlessly from task to task.

Maybe for your marketing initiative you work on youtube videos. Where do you film the videos? Do you have a special space? Maybe the only space you have is your office. So what do you do?



Every space should function in multiple ways. Think about what works best for your lifestyle.

For example, I keep all of my client files in my office and all of their fabric samples and furniture choices as well. When I do live marketing videos, I often refer to this content to update readers on how a project is going. So, when I created my work space I knew that my video back drop needed to be in there. I found a temporary wallpaper and I installed it behind my desk. Now, when I want to go live-I grab my client file, get my camera set up, clean off my desk…and BOOM! I’m ready to go.

If your office is big enough, it may even be better to have a separate area for videos or just another area for you to get work done. You could have a table with a couple of chairs and could film in front of the window. You could add a cozy chair to the corner so that when the desk isn’t comfy you just move over to your chair. After all, you probably have everything you need for all your work, in that room.

The whole idea here is create an area that you enjoy but that also functions in every way you could possibly need.

If you’re really easily distracted, maybe you keep your coffee pot in your office instead of in your kitchen. Maybe, like me, you spend most of the day sitting down…so you actually just keep everything in the kitchen because you have to get off your ass every couple hours in order for your brain to function as it should….or is that just me?

Multi-functional spaces allow you to be and stay in your element and be as productive as possible.

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For me, comfort is key. I always hated working away from home and most of the time it was because I didn’t feel comfortable. I was usually sitting at a cold hard desk in an environment full of tired, frustrated and overworked individuals. I was given a desk and was expected to work from that spot and no where else.

That is just not in alignment with who I am or what I energetically need to thrive in an environment. Did shit just get too woo woo for you? Give me a sec to explain….

Now that I work from home I have set it up to function in the exact way that I need.

If I’m feeling anxious and overwhelmed, I light some candles, dim the lights a little, and do all the parts of my job that make me the happiest. I’ll spend time choosing fabrics (my fav thing ever), I’ll sip tea, I’ll jump over to my workout room and do a meditation session on my yoga mat….

Everything I need is right there!

If I’m uncomfortable sitting at my desk, I’ll move to my lounge chair and work using my laptop...

If I’m not feeling my desk I’ll sit on the floor, at my kitchen table, or even on the outside patio.

If I’m having a day that will mostly be dedicated to mindless creativity, I’ll sit in front of the tv, spread out on the chaise, and watch netflix while I work!

I have the flexibility that I need and I provide the ultimate workspace for myself by creating several areas in my home where I can be productive. Productivity is key.

This is what I mean by creating areas that feel energetically right or that are energetically aligned with what I need in that moment.

If I’m uncomfortable I’ve learned that I’m not gonna get shit done.

Create a space that works for you and you alone.

Because I don’t have to my share my space with anyone, I have the ultimate freedom. My boyfriend works at an office during the day, so I really have the whole house to myself from 5am to 4:30pm. This is my favorite thing. I can have the thermostat on what I want, I can have all the blankets in the house if I want, I can work out whenever I want and however I want, I can take photos for my business, I can go all day without pants….wait, what?

I have designed my space to be truly perfect for my needs.

What do you need from your space?

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